The VSM as Diagram

I’ve been reading a lot of (and about) Deleuze and Guattari over this last year. Coming at this material as an outsider, someone who doesn’t have a background in academic theory, has been tough, but I feel like I’ve learned a lot in a relatively short span of time. Absorbing these new ideas has had me analysing everything I see in those terms. Deterritorialization, Recoding, Assemblage, these are all are new toys to play with, and new lenses to peer through.

Given Curve-Fitting, What Is The Firm?

Last week a good friend of mine was back in town for a few days, and we took the opportunity to catch up over coffee. As usual the conversation turned rapidly to technology and politics, current events, and so on. This friend spent a couple of years working at Amazon, before moving on to a Machine-Learning startup. We got to talking about our shared relative disillusionment with the current state of Machine Learning, and supposed “AI”, but, you know, the ability to do almost-arbitrary curve-fitting is still pretty cool, right?